ABOUT Mr. Aven

Mr. Aven has been pursuing innovative measures in Korean permanent makeup industry by offering high quality services as well as creating a new value by integrating art into microblading. As a late mover in entering the market, Mr. Aven has been striving to pursue “natural beauty” and to take different approach in meeting the needs of clients, which were critical elements in becoming of the industry leader.

Combining art with technique, Mr. Aven introduced new patterns and designs to the market in 2015. Mr. Aven’s collaboration with many artists from different fields has led permanent makeup to each a new level of artistry. Also, our efforts in branding and marketing took a tremendous effect in perception of Mr. Aven, making it a powerful permanent makeup artist group.

Another catalyst in such fast growth of Mr. Aven was our focus on feathering/bespoke technique.

Providing services sensitive to global trends, while demonstrating competence in the field of permanent makeup by endeavoring qualities such as consistency and honest business ethics, Mr. Aven acknowledges that members of its organization is a critical component in the value of the company, therefore, instilled strict systems and rules to benefit both our artists and clients.

Regardless of industry, most companies make a claim that they are the best.

At a time where innovation and changes are rapidly taking course, Mr. Aven has chosen theme of “finest”, developing new skills and techniques, venturing new ideas, and striving to discover authentic quality which only Mr. Aven can offer. Looking at a next decade and further, Mr. Aven promises to put all its effort to stay as a leader in the industry.

Mr.Aven CEO Youn, Jinwon / Song, Mingeun

Training Reservation

Mr. Aven’s motivation and pursuit in training is quite different from other academies. We engage with our students in fully honest and truthful manner, while offering top-class education in terms of skill

Feathering (Bespoke) eyebrows / embedded with Mr. Aven’s pride, notably natural with artistic strokes.

Eyeliner / Mr. Aven’s eyeliners are done with 100% handwork, avoiding involvement of machinery. Its lines are exceptionally delicate, offering great satisfaction to clients with minimum pain.

Hairline / Trendy hairline design focused on individual hair patterns. Abundance in looks can be achieved by this treatment.

Lip Blush / Embedding natural color to lips, it brings out sophisticated beauty and liveliness of your looks.

This is TERMS & CONDITIONS of services offered at Mr. Aven. Please read them thoroughly before making an appointment.

To make an appointment, non-refundable deposit of $200 is required, out of respect for our artists.


Consultation is key to our concise and accurate process.

We accurately discover needs and wants of our clients in a timely manner.

Mr.Aven understands that customized eyebrows from adequate consulting is the key to customer satisfaction.

Therefore, with professional theories and years of experience, Mr.Aven listens to our clients and focus on their words.

Based on information gathered from consulting session, we promise to deliver perfect, customized design just for you.

Mr. Aven’s design has been optimized for trendy clients through hundreds of thousands of treatment cases.

With our design expertise, we offer rather refined, natural and beautiful eyebrows.

Hair pattern developed by our own is beyond natural.

Mr. Aven’s hair pattern was researched with realistic and fundamental approach.

Only viable for Mr. Aven, these patterns illustrate natural and elegant looks.

After Care

Post-care is extremely important to appearance and safety of your new microbladed eyebrows.

Longevity of your brows also depends on how thoroughly you take care of your new eyebrows.




This is where Mr. Aven shares its knowledge and information about permanent makeup.

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